Branding Through a Pandemic

Today, I wanted to bring to you some marketing content with a twist. Covid-19 has taken over the world. It seems to be all anyone can think of, talk of, or hear of these days. We literally can’t get away from it so bear with me as I flip the switch on this conversation. I want to use this trying time in the world as an opportunity for learning as I highlight some brands that are using this pandemic to further enhance their “image” specifically thorough social media. Let’s see how us fellow marketers can learn from them.

Social media and its content can be like walking through a minefield. What’s going to be controversial or set people off and how can we post anything without sparking these dilemmas? It’s a fine line but at the end of the day, any marketer’s goal is to always ensure they’re on track to brand building. That is to say, always creating and working towards enhancing the overall company’s image to ensure long-term growth. This can be achieved in a series of ways that just comes down to finding what works for your brand and more importantly, your audience. Brand building provides us the opportunity to create that mental brand equity while broadening the reach of potential customers. The key is to find the right balance between building your brand and implementing sales activations that actually bring in the money. This sweet spot is key to a well-rounded company as it ensures you’re into more than the “looks” and that you’re not just in it for the “quick cash” either. I live and breathe by the mantra of living an authentic life and I intend to implement that as a marketer too. 

Taudrey, a Miami-based jewelry small-business, powered by an awesome all-female team, has been using their Instagram platform as a source of happiness and joy for their audience. They share a behind the scenes look into what their “new normal” has become these days and invite customers along on this journey. Their weekly virtual “sip-n-shop” live broadcast serves as more than just a sale promo of dainty jewelry. This allows their community to sit around for an hour to talk and get real all while Taudrey is furthering their brand image. Way to go ladies!

At the start of this quarantine situation, Taudrey was using its platform to cross-promote another local business, Threefold Cafe. This once trendy brunch spot quickly shifted gears and didn’t quite shut their doors in the same way other businesses did. instead of closing completely, they continued to receive shipments of food and ingredients and turned the little cafe into a makeshift grocery store of sorts for locals. The brand has completely shifted gears to provide fresh produce and healthy meals for the community all while using social media to do so for the community. 

These brands are finding their balance, that “sweet spot”, amidst this crazy time. They are using their brand as a platform for their audience to connect through. They are implementing sales activations to not only keep the brand afloat but to contribute to a greater community issue. This is a tricky and scary time for everyone but its truly refreshing to see the good people, and brands, are continuing to do.

What are some other brands you’ve seen using social media during this time to further enhance or grow their brand image? Let me know in the comments below!

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